RURUradio will be active in the Rumamera area with talk programs and live music. Here, of course, we can relax and revel in the beauty of nature, listening to valuable discussions or tune in to selected songs from the playlist of our musician and artist friends while chatting with old and new friends with drinks and snacks that will warm your body and soul.




At this RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022 talks program, the representatives from DirJenBud will chat with Reda Gaudiamo (musician/writer), a representative from the Directorate of Film Music and Media, and other speakers who are involved in the world of pop culture; to discuss the possibilities of cross-disciplinary collaboration that is advantageous and valuable for the government of this country, an institution that has the potential to act as a facilitator.



In RRRECFest in The Valley 2022, Lumbung Magazine writers/researchers will share stories about their preparation, research, and writing process. Starting from stories about cosmology, granary architecture, the practice of sharing time and resources, and the system of working and eating together, to humorous stories in the style of hanging out around the nine islands of Indonesia mentioned above. Moreover, they will also discuss the future of this magazine.



In this series of talks, RRRECFEST IN THE VALLEY invites two young collectives, Noirlab (Cileungsi) and Volume Escape (Sukabumi), who reside in the same province close to Jakarta, to share the workings of their collectives so far. They will talk about the strategies implemented to sustain their collectives, the kind of problems they face, and the importance of collectives existence in their respective cities.


with Studio Okupasi

Studio Okupasi at RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022 is a 3-day makeshift print studio workshop using a risograph machine to produce zines containing photos and artworks made during the festival. This project hopes to serve and offer the festival participants a documented souvenir to take home in the form of a zine.




Let's have fun with the family on this Holiday in RRRECFEST 2022. RURUKIDS will invite you to explore amazing places. We will play together around the mountains and protected forests which are definitely exciting and refreshing.What are the activities? Camping, playing with new friends, drawing, visiting the forest and getting to know plants and mini beast, seeing waterfalls, boating on the lake, and other fun activities.RURUKIDS will be accompanied by friends from KONDOTAKON, who will accompany us during our exploration of the TanaKita and Situ Gunung areas.So, at the RRRecfest event, not only you will get new experiences, but also your mom and dad. you can play together and relax while enjoying cool music performances at RRRECFEST 2022!.

In this forest exploration, participants will be introduced to various types of insects that are often found in Situ Gunung; such as: ants, grasshoppers, dragonflies and butterflies. Participants will be provided with insect nets to observe insects more closely, assisted by experts. They will find and capture insects, assisted by their parents and the experts. They are also invited to learn how to use insect viewers and magnifying glasses. This activity is expected to develop children’s curiosity about forest life, as well as eliminating the fear of insects.

Registration for activities, Handing out Adventure Kit

09.00 - 12.00: Morning Trek
14.00 - 16.00: Mengayam Alam (DIY Project)
19.30 - 20.00: Adventure After Dark

09.00 - 11.00: Face Painting & Mandala Daun (DIY Project)

Location: Tanakita Camping Ground - Situ Gunung Lake - Cimanaracun waterfall
Capacity: 36 children
Age Group: 4-13 years old

1. Nature Treasure Hunt
2. Mini Beast Hunt
3. Parenting Penting
4. Adventure After Dark
5. Menganyam Alam (DIY Project)
6. Mandala Daun (DIY Project)
7. Face Painting

Rp 100.000,- / Child
(and will receive KEMPIKNIK kits: tote bag, adventure book, stationery, and merchandise)


Film and video screening at Greenhouse Cinema.

Gerobak Bioskop is a media distribution infrastructure and program inspired by the spirit of Layar Tancap (drive-in type film screening) in Indonesia. Gerobak Bioskop is an initiative to restore the spirit of watching films and videos or other visual materials that can be held independently in many places using public spaces.

Gerobak Bioskop program creates an alternative means for watching films, videos or other visual materials that are applicable in places with limited access to information other than the mainstream.

Cité du Design-Esadse

Cité du Design-Esadse

In 2022, the French Institute of Indonesia, in collaboration with the Cité du design-Esadse, sent a request to the French Institute of Paris for a project aimed at creating a bilateral France-Indonesia exchange between the members of the Indonesian collective ruangrupa + Gudskul, and the artists and designers of Saint-Etienne, in particular the researchers of CyDRe (Cycle Design Recherche) of the Esadse. A group of designers and educators from Esadse travelled to Jakarta and Sukabumi to learn from the experience of Indonesian artists and to participate in the collective conception and construction of a small enclosure to host activities during the RRREC FEST 2022.


Ruang Alasugi


Alasugi in the Sulawesi language is the name for a ‘gate' or 'shelter' which is made of bamboo as the basic material. Alasugi functions as a sign that inside the shelter a big event will be held with a dignified ritualistic component. There will definitely be food and food-making involved. At RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022, OmahJanganDiamTerus will do a residency program by Bumi Bagja Food Forest.


Bumi Bagja Food Forest X RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022

Bumi Bagja Food Forest

At RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022, Bumi Bagja Food Forest will collaborate with two residency participants; OmahDon't Keep Silent (IND) and Citè du Design (FRA). Together with Omah JanganDiamTerus Bumi Bagja, they will design a food stall and menu. His collaboration with Citè du Design will result in a design for a hangout space, which can be used not only during the festival but also sustainable and can be utilized by local residents. All the results of these residency programs come from the natural resources surrounding the festival area, involving local residents and the nearby forest in the process.