Active in the world of music and entertainment from 1981 until today, Wachyoe Affandi, better known as Doel Sumbang, is a legendary musician, songwriter, composer, and actor from West Java. He started his career in theater and learned a lot from Remy Sylado. His genre of music is Sundanese Pop Rock with Satire Humor. Doel Sumbang sings his songs about the daily life of the Sundanese people. His songs are countless, as well as his strong stage character as a musician and performer, making him often compared to other great figures such as Ebiet G Ade or Iwan Fals. At RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022, Doel Sumbang will entertain and hang out with all of us!



Yanti Bersaudara is a legendary trio vocal group of sisters from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. They are Yani, Tina and Iin Hardjakusumah, who grew up in a household filled with passion for music. Their on-stage musical career spanned from 1961 until 1971. After multiple live performances in local events and festivals, the trio was discovered by Hamid Gruno, a TVRI (Indonesia’s main television channel) program director in the mid-1960s. Yanti Bersaudara then appeared on TVRI's music program entitled "Nada dan Irama" accompanied by the Medenasz Orchestra led by Dimas Wahab. At that time, the Yanti Bersaudara performed the songs "Abunawas" and "Kisah Setangkai Daun" by Yessy Wenas. Soejoso Karsono or Mas Yos, the owner of the Irama Record label in Jakarta, then invited Yanti Bersaudara to record their debut self-titled album (1965). On that album, the Yanti Bersaudara were accompanied by the Medenasz Orchestra led by Dimas Wahab. Following their first release, the group released a follow-up on the Philips Singapore label. In 2020 their debut self-titled album was re-released by Lamunai Records.



Syarikat Idola Remaja (SIR) are Dimas Dinar Wijaksana (guitar and vocals), Dwi Kartika Yuddhaswara (bass and vocals), Jon Kastella (guitar and vocals), Arum Trestaningtyas (ukulele guitar and vocals), Sendy Novian (gitalele and vocals), Zulqi Lael Ramadhana (guitar), Fariz “Aceng” Alwan (flute, bangsing, and vocals), Yaya Risbaya (percussion), and Ferry Nurhayat (keyboards). The uniqueness of SIR's music is how they wrap the musical complexity of its members into a harmonization that has its own character tied to their vocals element. This is understandable, for the members of SIR belong to several music groups that are active around the city of Bandung, such as Mr Sonjaya, Nada Fiksi, Parahyena, Bendi Harmoni, and Tetangga Pak Gesang. There is no lead vocal that dominates, but all personnel complement each other according to their respective needs. SIR has released a concept album with the theme of the history of spices in Indonesia, entitled “Samara” (9 April 2022). Through these semi-fictional stories related to spices, SIR tries to interpret historical narratives about colonialism, conflict, romanticism, nostalgia, acculturation of culture, and culture shock. Musically, the album “Samara” presents the distinctive nuances of orchestral music wrapped in ballads and pop music.



From 1982 to 2018, Reda Gaudiamo had a successful duet musical career with her long-time friend, singer/songwriter Ari Malibu. Together, they produced several albums of musicalisation of poetry. Hujan Bulan Juni, Aku Ingin, Di Restoran, Surat Cinta and Z are some of AriReda's songs that many people know and love. After Ari's passing, Reda continued to sing and successfully launched her first (self-titled) solo album in October 2022, on Spotify, Langit Musik, Resso and other digital platforms. Her music remains poetic, sweet and heartfelt. Apart from music, Reda is also known for her Na Willa series, a children's novel that has been translated and published in England. Na Willa also brought her to various literacy festivals in Indonesia, England, Germany, and Australia.



Jon Kastella was born in Jakarta, lived in Papua and Jatinangor, and built his musical career in Bandung. In short, he has travelled around and assembled his music from all of these places. His first professional gigs were with Orkes Tambul Kahairanan (OSK), a group he initiated with a couple of friends. The raw folksy tunes that he brings with his guitar and vocals have been performed all across Bandung at independent events and collective spaces. He has also collaborated a lot with musicians in this town. In mid-2017 he joined a group called Syarikat Idola Remaja (SIR), initiated by Omuniuum (an independent music merchandise and album store in Bandung), as a musical act to open an Efek Rumah Kaca concert. From then on, SIR has unpremeditatedly launched his name as a local idol in the Bandung music scene. In the meantime, Jon has also been busy with his solo projects. His songs, ‘Balada Sang Pencari Kayu’ and ‘Cukup Lebih Bagiku’ have been released in compilation albums. He has collaborated with Rekti Yoewono (of The Sigit and Mooner) for his third single ‘Pengantar Bambu’. His latest single is a back-to-basic guitar/vocal track called ‘Maka’. With SIR, Jon has released a mini album ‘Samara’. They have toured with this EP through a few cities across Indonesia.



Rita Tila is a Sundanese music singer who was born in Sukabumi, West Java on 16 December 1984. She has won many regional song competitions and in 2005 received an award from the Governor of West Java as an Outstanding Sundanese Pop Singer. This year (2022) she has won Best Sundanese Pop Singer at Bandung Music Awards. Since 2002 Rita Tila has done many international tours, including Thailand, China, Taiwan, Australia, France, Germany, America, Norway, the Netherlands, and England. Apart from performing on stage, Rita Tila is also a music lecturer at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung.



Kuntari is a project of Tesla Manaf. After dedicating himself to Classical Music for over 10 years, he started his career as a Jazz Artist which leads him to a wide range of evolving music exploration and his commitment to creativity. He has produced 13 albums/EPs and performances in Jazz, World Music, Neo-Classical, Electronic and Experimental Music in more than 12th countries around the Globe. For the last 18 months, his been working on a new way to create an unorthodox Embouchure technique for the Cornet/Trumpet. The goal is to imitate Animal Mating Calls Sound and Gigantic Fiction Creature. His Live set performance has been well-developed over the years, two of the most recent is an Electronic set combining various manipulated foley with howl shivering Cornet and an intense dynamic with heavy Organic Ancient Rhythms live set of duo format, Cornet-Prepared Guitar & Drum-Percussion.



It is a fuse of ice breaking in the disturbance of a party or celebration, by offering basic human needs to dance and cheer to escape one’s memory for a moment the restraints of routine and the shackles of the pressures of contemporary society. Based on information disclosure and ease of access to technology, PRONTAXAN uses Youtube as a bible and some MP3 controller devices as a microphone to echo selected track verses. This curation of verses echoed by PRONTAXAN is associated with the celebration of the mixing of electronic music, dangdut, campursari and the native sounds of the Archipelago. This mix is ​​more popularly known Funkot. PRONTAXAN's choice of Funkot offers accusations of music consumption and its relation to the construction of social class. The association was initiated by Yahya Dwi Kurniawan, Uji Hahan Handoko, Lana Pranaya, Rangga Sang Eshayoga, Bagas Oktariyan Ananta, and Dito Satriawan in 2018 in Yogyakarta.



Rub of Rub is a contemporary experimental dub band from Bandung, Indonesia. Their music incorporates some psychedelic, electronic, disco and reggae dub progressive elements. Rub of Rub debut EP “Ruang Waktu” was released in Indonesian in 2018, and got great feedback from the collective circle, online media, and record labels. Since the beginning of their journey, they have been performing nonstop around the city, spreading their sounds. In 2021 Rub of Rub dropped their latest EP “Fluktuasi” with Lamunai Records, and they are doing their first tour of Java-Bali this year (2022). Rub of Rub is releasing a new album in the spring of 2023.



Dangerdope is a project by DJ Rencong, a native of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. He blends hip hop, instrumental music, soul, funk, jazz, drum n bass, and layering them with sound bites from movies, talk shows, conversations, old vinyl, and many other video footages, into rich sound collages. He is a passionate and active collaborator with local rappers from diverse regions around Indonesia; such as Joe Millions (Papua), Buzzdome (Aceh), Ghost (Ambon), and Jare Fundamental (Medan). Dangerdope was also part of a collaborative film project titled “Amuk,” where he incorporated sounds and song samples with words by the prolific Indonesian poet, Sutardji Chalzoum Bachri. Dangerdope constantly builds on his sampling skills, finding rare and unique pieces of music, to then modify into phrases and sounds for his tracks.



Mentored by legendary Jazz musicians Jack Lesmana and Bubi Chen since her teens, Margie Segers has managed to use her super special vocals to perform many of the most well-known Jazz songs in Indonesia. Today, she is one of the Indonesian Jazz golden era performers who still manages to amaze audiences on national music stages. In this wonderful opportunity, RRREC Fest in The Valley has managed to entice her to come and perform in the mountains!



Christabel Annora is a singer and pianist from the city of Malang. At a young age, Christabel was involved in the Malang independent music scene. Apart from helping local bands/musicians in music performances and recording studio sessions, she has also formed a band called Get Panic. Christabel is now pursuing her music career as a solo musician. In 2016 Christabel released her debut album 'Talking Days' by Barongsai Records. This album has also been distributed via iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, and GooglePlay. In 2019 Christabel released the album 'Dari Jauh', of which the recording process was carried out at the Post Electric studio, Edinburgh (Scotland), while the mixing-mastering was carried out in Malang by Bambang Iswanto (Nero Studio). Christabel also had time to produce a short film ('Embracing the Distance') soundtrack during the pandemic (2020-2021). In 2020 Christabel released the instrumental EP 'Sudut Kamar'.



At the age of 22, Fitri Mania built her career through dangdut and koplo music with a single organ format which is usually played at weddings or other celebration events around the suburbs of Sukabumi, Fitri wants to explore the colours of the music genre that has made her a living with a touch of popular music. Half of her youth was spent singing from event to event. Like most young girls, she still tries to keep up with music and trends.



oomleoberkaraoke is Narpati Awangga, a member of ruangrupa who is also the director of its RURUradio division. oomleo creates works utilizing digital art media, while actively involved in organizing music events, workshops and other activities in the urban visual art scene. He is a man of many skills and interests. oomleo is a pixel artist, a member of a synth-pop band Goodnight Electric, a radio announcer, an illustrator, a column writer, a comic artist, a pseudo guru and what he is currently most famous for is a travelling karaoke program DJ. He’s been cultivating this particular passion project since 2003, trying out various software and collecting millions of karaoke songs, from internationally popular tunes to traditional Indonesian folk songs for specific events. These days, oomleo has performed his karaoke program all around Indonesia in all kinds of events and venues; from art spaces, big clubs, and movie theatres, to huge music festivals.



Kumyka is a music selector and vinyl enthusiasts. spend most of her time as a crate digger. With wide range of music collection, from Dream Pop to Disco, Motown to Neo Soul then started to be a music selector back in 2012. Part of This Happy Feeling, a monthly ultrapop party.



Agus Nuramal/Pmtoh started his career as a solo theatre practitioner in 1990. Pmtoh carries out a storytelling performance by singing his words while using daily objects to demonstrate the stories. These domestic objects are used to represent other objects within the stories. This is called “active imagination” theatre. He keeps collecting many props in his studio, always thinking to expand his imagination and creativity into theatrical performances.



Food Forest is a food agriculture program that adopts the forest system; not only by harvesting forest products but also planting and letting the plants live according to their ecosystem without much human intervention during their growth.

Bumi Bagja is an inn/homestay that wants to connect humans with the forest environment. Activities carried out during the stay at Bumi Bagja include farming and exploring food products from the surrounding forest, then processing them into meals. In addition to having a mutually beneficial living with the forest, Bumi Bagja also conserves a rich variety of food products that have been forgotten by many of us today.



The Cité du Design-Esadse is a design centre and a higher school of art and design that fulfils three complementary missions: teaching art and design, disseminating design culture and providing coaching to companies and local authorities. The organization benefits from the support of the City of Saint-Étienne, Saint-Étienne Métropole, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and the Ministry of Culture.



Gerobak Bioskop is a media distribution infrastructure and program inspired by the spirit of Layar Tancap (drive-in type film screening) in Indonesia. Gerobak Bioskop is an initiative to restore the spirit of watching films and videos or other visual materials that can be held independently in many places using public spaces.

Gerobak Bioskop program creates an alternative means for watching films, videos or other visual materials that are applicable in places with limited access to information other than the mainstream.



Kondotakon comes from the Javanese words; Kandani (Kondo) which means to state or express, and Takani (Takon) which is to question things. Kondotakon (express and ask) is a learning process through sharing and asking each other about facts and ideas. This learning process (Kondotakon) gives people the opportunity to enrich each other's experiences. This allows mutual self-development to occur.

Kondotakon believes a great education is created through the transformation of the outdoor experience. They provide a dynamic learning environment for people to have an impactful experience with outdoor-based activities. The members of Kondotakon have more than 20 years of experience in facilitating training and outdoor activities-based education.



As a form of interpretation of “lumbung”, the major theme in documentafifteen Art Festival, it is deemed necessary to conduct a series of research, study, documentation, and writing on how the archipelago's communities spread across rural and urban areas manage knowledge systems in daily practice.

The concept of Lumbung Magazine is based on the agricultural work cycle that includes the process of planting, nurturing, harvesting, and sharing. The process of making Lumbung Magazine involved 9 young researchers from various regions in 9 provinces of Indonesia as researchers-writers. This process can also be considered as a laboratory for the young researchers-writers-artists in developing their capacity and skills.

The 9 researchers-writers: Abdullah Totona (North Maluku), Agung M. Abul (Kuningan, West Java), Dadang Yepese (Sentani, Papua), Dedy Hermansyah (Mataram, NTB), Diana Timoria (Sumba, NTT), Harry Isra (Makassar, South Sulawesi), Heru Joni Putra (Solok, West Sumatera), I Made Susanta (Singaraja, Bali), Irene Sartika Dewi (Samarinda, East Kalimantan).



OmahJanganDiamTerus is a creative sanctuary space that started as a traveller shelter and then continues to grow in the middle of the urban settlements. They hope to become a manifestation capsule that can function for the surrounding environment and produce valuable generations. There is also a significant component of the practices of OmahJanganDiamTerus, which is food and the making of food.



Started in 2010 by ruangrupa, RURUKIDS manages fun, instructive, and innovative education-based art programs for children and teenagers. Currently located in the Gudskul Ekosistem area in Jakarta, Indonesia, the program brings artists and children together in aspirational environments to learn and explore in playful ways.

RURUKIDS develops activities with creative people to share their artistic practice with children through creative explorations and stimulating experiences. For RURUKIDS, sharing and teamwork are crucial, and all activities aim to increase children’s self-esteem and self-expression by providing a safe and kind learning environment.



RURUradio is an online media based on music, arts and culture; which is developed through various on and off-air programs with various outputs such as broadcasting, discussions, concerts and workshops. RURUradio documents many interesting things while building its archive around the dynamic life that is constantly moving.



Studio Okupasi is a movement of initiatives from individuals who are also involved in other collectives. This group of people like to play in empty areas, starting from efforts to become impromptu graphic waiters in an ecosystem called GUDSKUL and continuing to occupy other areas/spaces without the offer of prior planning. Empty spaces, stuck programs, and uncommon or unpredictable spaces to do art graphic activities become the focus of this group's arena.



Volume Escape is a space movement that was born and resides in Cicurug, the northernmost sub-district in Sukabumi regency. Cicurug is an industrial area with many factories of various garments, mineral water, instant food and others. This affects the social conditions of its inhabitants, coupled with the situation of the main roads where traffic jams occur almost every day due to a large number of big transporter vehicles because of its location between the cities of Sukabumi and Bogor. These socio-geographical conditions result in the complexity and fatigue of the people in carrying out their daily lives without any space for expression. Formed in 2018, Volume Escape opens up opportunities for the people of Cicurug to express their creativity and passion.