Festival Details

1What date will RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022 be held?
RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022 will be held over three days from December 2-4, 2022
2What will RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022 be all about?
Many local bands and various countries (especially Southeast Asia) will participate this year. There will also be multiple programs such as workshops and talk shows with qualified speakers who will share at RRRec Fest in the Valley 2022, as well as children's activities in collaboration with RURU Kids.
3Where will RRREC Fest in the Valley 2022 be held?
Tanakita Campground, Gunung Gede Pangrango, Sukabumi, West Java.

Getting Involved

1How can I get involved in RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022?
You can register first on the website. After that wait for a confirmation email from us from info.rrrecfest@gmail.com
2Is there any discount for purchasing tickets for RRREC Fest in The Valley 2022?
As of now, there is no discount.
3How is the tent plotting system?
For each package we sell, you will share the space with other participants, but if participants bring families can inform them in a special note on the registration form.
4What is the difference between package A and package B?
The difference is that in package A tents, you will get a sleeping bag, pillow, power source, rubber flooring mats, and a bathroom with a water heater. Package B tents will have a sleeping bag - rubber flooring mats, closet and bathroom.
5How is the placement of tents in package A and package B?
Tent placement for package A tents is located in the Tanakita camping area for package B in the Harendong area.
6Is there a ticket for participants who only want to watch without staying overnight?
RRRecfest in The Valley. This time the organizers provide festival passes for participants who only want to come without staying overnight.
7Are there lodging options for participants who only buy festival passes?
all forms of lodging information and how to get to the location can be accessed on the website.
8Can participants bring their private vehicles?
Yes, we provide a parking lot there.


1Does the registration fee include the cost of meals?
All participants can have three meals daily plus coffee and tea are always provided.
2Are there any food vendors at the Tanakita location?
There are many local vendors such as bakso, cuanki, and the like.
3Is the location of Tanakita close to the highway?
The highway is approximately 10 KM from the entrance of Tanakita.
4Is there any public transportation available from the highway to the entrance?
If you get off in front of the Cisaat Police Station, you can take a red angkot (until 8 pm) that leads to the gate of Situ Gunung, Gede Pangrango National Park.
5Are bathrooms provided, and what is the condition of the bathrooms?
We provide bathrooms, and the toilets are clean. It differs from package A tents which are provided with a shower cubicle (hot water).